The members of Kara celebrated their 5th year anniversary through twitter. On March 29 Nicole tweeted, “Wow it is now our 5th anniversary… I was only 17… Walking down memory lane… I want to make more memories in the future.”

Han Seung Yeon tweted, “I remember… I love you ^^. Nowadays I am worried about my abs but back then I didn’t even need to care… Ah, fresh~ 20 years old.”

Kang Ji Young tweeted, “Everybody please celebrate Kara’s 5th year anniversary! Also, today is the birthday of the friend I love Sulli! Everybody celebrate! One two three~”

Park Gyuri tweeted, “Kara’s 5th year anniversary.. Time flies by so quickly~ Thank you for cherishing, trusting, and loving us for 5 years ^^ We will continue to make good memories. My people!”


Kara debuted with 4 members in 2007. On February 2008 the member Kim Sung Hee left the group. Then on June 2008, Kang Ji Young and Goo Hara joined the group.