Taiwanese fans were in for a surprise when Kara arrived at Taoyuan International Airport on March 29. Kara is in Taiwan for their first fan meeting with Taiwanese fans. About a hundred fans were on hand to greet Kara, and the surprise they got was the members’ new colorful hair styles. Han Seungyeon now has dark red locks. Nicole has a chic purple cut with bangs, making her look a bit like an anime character. Goo Hara has opted for medium-brown.

The members made their way through the airport, cheerfully greeting fans. Even Nicole, who is still recovering from her ankle injury, made an effort to get close to fans and greet them. They were praised by local media for their kind manners as, “The Courteous Idol Group, Kara.” While in Taiwan, Kara will not only hold a fan meeting, but they also plan on attending an event for children in poverty. In April, Kara will make their way back to Japan for the Japanese leg of their KARASIA tour.