Kara’s Goo Hara gave some final words about ending “City Hunter” and her first acting stint. On July 28th, she wrote on her twitter, “I just finished the final filming of “City Hunter”… It is sad…”

Netizens have written “I am anticipating the final episode but I am sad,” “I wish I could see you in another drama,” “thank you, through you I got to see a fun drama.”

Goo Hara appeared on “City Hunter” as the character “Dahae.” Dahae was the president’s daughter and smitten by Yoon Sung (Portrayed by Lee Min Ho) at first, and towards the end she was also smitten by YJ. Currently the second to last episode of City Hunter aired, and the final episode will be airing tonight at 9:55 pm Korean time. (July 28th)

Goo Hara also joined in on the OST for “City Hunter,” this is her first go at acting and also her first go at a solo single.

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Source: Star News