In light of a news outlet’s recent accusation that KARA‘s Gyuri went clubbing in Itaewon without a mask, the idol herself confessed that she was indeed at the club that was reportedly visited by a man confirmed for COVID-19 on the same day, but that she was wearing a mask.


Regarding the accusation, Gyuri stated,

I am reflecting upon my actions for not following the rules during the social distancing period.

– Gyuri

One netizen posted photos and accused Gyuri of not wearing a mask at the club. But Gyuri clarified,

I was wearing a mask the whole time.

– Gyuri


Gyuri’s agency also supported her claim of having worn a mask.

Aside from when she first entered, she wore a mask the entire time.

– Gyuri’s Agency

Ahead of the confirmation, Dispatch received footage sent in by an informant claiming the woman in the video was Gyuri dancing to a KARA song at the club.

When a KARA song came out, she came out onto the stage and danced like crazy.

– Informant


Gyuri shared that she tested negative for COVID-19 and that she is currently in self-isolation at home.