Kara’s second full-length Japanese album, “Super Girl” has already surpassed 800,000 record sales. Now, Kara is waiting for their album to become a million seller.

On April 11, Kara will be re-selling this album in light of their Japanese tour. Kara’s agency, DSP Media informed that currently, over 800,000 albums have been sold. They said, “When the albums were being sold left and right, the sales numbers went over what we expected so we did not meet the demands. We believe that fans will be highly anticipating the re-sale of Kara’s ‘Super Girl’ since it was sold out before.”

“Super Girl” has surpassed the sales record number of 750,000, earning them a Triple Platinum status with the Japanese Record Association. Kara is the only Korean group to reach this status in Japan.

Kara has recently renewed their contract with Universal Music and has released their sixth Japanese single, “Speed Up / Girls Power,” which has been placed on the number two spot on the Oricon Weekly Chart. Kara will start their Japanese tour “Karasia” starting on April 14.