Kara will be the first girl group in Korea to release figure models of themselves. At the end of March, 12 inch figurines of Kara in their “Mister” attire will be released in both Korea and Japan.

Famous companies such as Hot Toys, which designed models for “Iron Man” and Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of the Caribbean,” DC Comics, Nokia and Enterbay will be designing and producing these models.

Usually, figurines were made for famous actors and actresses but this time, it will be musical artists who will be the muses for these models. This is significant to Kara because they are the first musical artists to have figurines based on them. Especially in Japan, there is a high level of figurine manias. It will also be the first time in Japan that a girl group will be produced as figurines.

The Kara figurines will sport actual wigs and have highly defined and sleek body parts, which will make them look more real. The figurines will be available for pre-ordering on the Internet starting at the end of March. More details can be found on the DSP homepage.