Mega girl group Kara has that special touch. Yes, how you wish they could touch your body but you have to settle for them only touching your hearts.. How sad to be just a fanboy, right? Anyways! Kara has blown away the Japanese pop charts to the second best.

Will Kara be THE best? I surely am rooting for them! Not only myself, but the Japanese analysts believe they can rack up 100,000 sales in Japan!

Wow, that’s no easy feat for most artists, but for Kara, no problem.  I’ll leave you with that piece of news and I expect you to Jump jump to your favorite CD store!

2010/11/26  GIRLS TALK! album

*1 *26,843 宇多田ヒカル 
*2 *13,142 KARA 
*3 *11,221 福山雅治
*4 いきものがかり 
*5 ヒルクライム 
*6 マクロスF 
*7 清木場俊介 
*8 久保田利伸 
*9 ボン・ジョヴィ 
10 マイ・ケミカル・ロ マンス 

Total: 68, 924

source: Newsen