Kara announced today that they would open their own YouTube channel with their agency DSP Media. Kara’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/user/DSPKara) will provide three live shows, behind the scene videos, self-recorded (selcas) footage of each member, as well as a forum space where fans can directly communicate with the group.

Kara’s channel will go live from September 7th. However, it will first open a Q&A board on August 26th, where select questions will get direct video answers from the Kara members after it opens.

“Kara is the first Korean artist to provide interactive communication with fans through its own YouTube channel, especially during their promotions. In order to provide more direct and active communication with fans, Kara decided to run this YouTube channel,” DSP Media said in a statement.

Kara’s new album will be released online on September 5th and be available in stores on the next day, resuming their Korean promotions for the first time in 10 months. They already released a limited edition album on August 25th, but TV promotions are expected to start in mid-September.

Check out the preview below!