In the tradition of random and cute idol picture tweets, Kara member Han Seungyeon uploaded pictures of herself via her Twitter account on July 28th.

“Going to a schedule,” the singer remarked. “I don’t know how long it will take to Seoul. I hope you are all safe.  Fighting!”

Seungyeon has recently celebrated her 24th birthday, but her age is not evident in the photos. Netizens who have seen her shots commented, “You are really cute,” “How old are you?” Others have also wished her to be careful as she goes to work since areas in Seoul were reported to have flooded in the midst of heavy rains on the 27th.

Meanwhile, upcoming activities for Kara include joining the cast of upcoming “Idol Gourmet” and performing at the “K-Pop All-Star Live In Niigata,” Japan on August 20th.

via Seungyeon’s Twitter