On July 18th T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media stated, “Currently production is underway for a show titled as ‘Idol Parasitic Houseguest’ (Only a temporary name) which will have idols leading the Korean Wave introducing Korean food.” “There will be 8 idol teams in total including Kara, T-ara, Supernova, and FT Island.

They continued by stating, “Idol Parasitic Houseguest will have the idol groups become narrators and explain about the way that certain Korean foods are made. Through different mini corners they will also explain about Korea’s culture in terms of the necessities of life, music, money, and history. We are anticipating the show as a new information entertainment program that will have idols playing a big role.

The CEO of Core Contents Media Kim Kwang Soo will produce the show, and it is currently being planned to be spread throughout different nations.

Source: Star News