Hallyu star KARA is making a Korean comeback with a new album next month.

KARA will be releasing their third official album followed by domestic promotions and activities.  Last year, the girls released their 4th mini album entitled, “Jumping” and since then they have been promoting overseas in Japan.  The new album called “Step” will mark KARA’s long awaited comeback to Korea, which fans are greatly curious and anticipating their upcoming release.

Pre-orders for the limited edition version of KARA’s 3rd studio album will be taken from August 25th onwards until the album’s official release (online at midnight on September 5th) on September 6th.  The limited edition includes a special behind the scenes photo-booklet along with an added incentive for 100 lucky fans.  For the first 100 fans that purchased the album will be entered into a special drawing where those selected will be able to attend KARA’s comeback performance on September 14th.

The new album’s title track will be “Step”.  The single is being described as a sweet tune of the Rock and Electronica genre that is an exquisitely powerful and sophisticated synth-pop number.  The rhythm is freed and used in moderation, but also the sounds set the theme that is appropriate which follows the latest trends.  There a few other new songs to be found included on the album: “EY OH (Intro)”, “Date (My Boy)”, “Rider”, “Strawberry”, “Follow”, and “KARA 4U (Outro)”.

Source: Naver