Kara will leave for France in order to meet the manufacturers of their perfume with the same name.

On August 25th their agency DSP media stated, “With Kara’s perfume that will be released in December hanging in the distance, Kara will leave for France on August 29th to meet the manufacturers. At France, Kara will be directly involved in the manufacturing and design process. Also, they will take part in a photo shoot where the photo album will be released both in Korea and Japan.”

KARA is making a comeback with a new album next month. On September 5th at midnight they will release the music, and on the 6th they will release their new album. KARA will be releasing their third official album followed by domestic promotions and activities.  Last year, the girls released their 4th mini album titled, “Jumping” and since then they have been promoting overseas in Japan. The new album called “Step” will mark KARA’s long awaited comeback to Korea, which fans are greatly curious and anticipating their upcoming release.