In February, Kara’s Goo Hara shed tears during their first exclusive concert at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. During a press conference before Kara’s concert at the Yokohama Arena on April 14 Goo Hara explained the reason for her tears. She stated, “After debuting I didn’t have a lot of chances to meet my family. Once I saw them I just began to cry.”

Goo Hara said, “My home is Gwangju and after debuting I was so busy that I’ve only been home once during a whole 5 years. I thought about all the time preparing for our concert. After showing my family ‘I am living my life’ in such a big concert hall, my heart was swept with emptions.”

Goo Hara continued, “Although it has only been a short time since I have been a member of Kara, it felt like a long time. I feel like a have a lot of responsibility now that the first digit of my age has changed. (From 1 to 2) Although I felt like there were areas I could improve, I feel satisfaction at having come this far. Although I do feel embarrassment and regret because I haven’t become perfect, during what time I have left I will try to improve more and try my best.”

Kara had their Japanese concert at the Yokohama Arena from April 14-15.