Kara’s Goo Hara shared the secret behind her beautiful skin. On October 21, the singer-actress tweeted, “When your skin becomes dry, try getting a cucumber facial. The cucumbers are all different shapes and sizes,” and attached a photo of herself. In the photo, Goo Hara is seen lying on her bed with her face covered with cucumbers slices. She gives a subtle smile for the camera.

Those who’ve seen the photo commented “She’s so adorable,” “Hara looks great in anything, including cucumbers,” “So that’s the secret behind her great skin,” “I think I’ll get a cucumber facial today too,” and more. 

In related news, Kara recently released their seventh Japanese single “Electric Boy,” and was met with instant success, taking home the no. 1 spot on Oricon’s “Daily Singles” chart. They will also be holding a solo concert at Japan’s Tokyo Dome this January.