KARA’s Goo Hara recently made headlines with her cute tattoo. On October 24, Goo Hara attended the “Lacoste Winter Wonderland Party” at the Banyan Tree Club and Spa in Seoul. During the photo event, cameras captured her new tattoo while she raised her hand to wave.

Dressed in a red sweater dress by Lacoste and white tights, Goo Hara ushered in the holiday season with her festive look. It was hard not to notice her heart shaped tattoo under her left wrist, and many believed that it was a way to express her feelings for her boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung from BEAST.  

Netizens who’ve seen her new tattoo commented, “Her tattoo is so cute,” “Maybe it’s a sign to Yong Jun Hyung,” “It looks great on her,” “Maybe we’ll see Jun Hyung with a hearted tattoo as well,” and more.