KARA’ s Goo Hara is turning heads with her pre-photoshopped photos. Earlier today, un-retouched photos of the singer during a photoshoot for Lacoste L!VE surfaced various online communities, surprising netizens with Goo Hara’s mannequin-like figure.

As shown below, it was nearly impossible to spot any difference between the photoshopped photo from the spread in the October issue of “ELLE Girl” with the untouched photos. Dressed in a blue-stripped dress and roller-skates, Goo Hara radiated a fresh college student charm with her preppy campus fashion. Netizens were especially drawn to her naturally slim figure and long legs. 

Netizens who’ve seen the photos commented, “Her un-retouched legs are amazing,” “I envy her legs,” “Those are good enough to be part of the final pictorial,” “She’s the perfect mannequin,” and more. 

In related news, Goo Hara and her boyfriend, BEAST’s Yong Jun Hyun, created headlines with what appeared to be a couple ring. Read more about it here!