On November 19, Kara’s Han Seung Yeon revealed her opinion on airport fashion and the huge amount of stress that comes from it, during her guest appearance on KBS “Entertainment Relay.” 

Having scheduled flights at least twice a week with a busy schedule, Han Seung Yeon shared her and her fellow Kara members’ stress with what so many celebrities these days are fretting over: airport fashion. “Frankly, this whole concept of airport fashion gives me a terrible headache. I can’t even visit shops on my way to the plane because of the publicity. Also, wearing sunglasses everywhere I go just gets tedious after a while” is what Han Seung Yeon said with a cute laugh. 

Ironically, Seung Yeon revealed that her wish was to go on vacation to Jeju Island with her family, an island off the Korean peninsula, and said that “Truthfully, since my agency gave us this week off, I wanted to plan a trip with my loved ones but everyday I’m fully booked. I’m planning on treating my parents to a 2-day 3-night stay there which will be all the more fun.”