According to a representative at MBC during a phone interview with OSEN on October 25, “Han Seungyeon recently confirmed her cast decision for ‘Guitar and Hot Pants.’ Her role in the drama will be an idol at the peak of her popularity.”

Han Seungyeon, who already has much experience as a popular idol within the group KARA, is anticipated to fit her role naturally. She also has acting experience, her most recent project being the highly rated weekend drama, “Jang Bori is Here,” which ended last month.

Meanwhile, “Guitar and Hot Pants” will be the seventh drama in MBC’s “Drama Festival” series, which is a compilation of works of collaboration between young, sprouting directors and new as well as existing writers, giving them a chance to experiment with their ideas. “Guitar and Hot Pants” will air sometime next month after “Hyung Young Dang’s Diary,” “An Old Greeting,” and “House, Mate.”