On the most recent episode of “Invincible Youth 2,” Kang Ji Young showed off her passport pictures in front of diplomats. The passport picture shows younger-looking Kang Ji Young with her hair tightly pulled back with a headband. Her passport also flaunted extraordinary weight and thickness with numerous visas for many different countries inside of it. Kang Ji Young commented proudly, “I took that picture when I was 15 years old. I’ve been to Japan, US, Thailand, Malaysia and some other countries so far.”

Following Kang Ji Young’s lead, comedian Kim Shin Young also revealed her passport picture. She explained, “It’s from when I was 23 years old, before I started my diet and lost all the weight.” However, her explanation did not hinder Boom from making humorous comments like, “You look like Zhou Lulu, the olympic weightlifting champion.” Jewelry‘s Ye Won also showed her passport and people said, “She looks like a cyber singer” and “You look like singer Kim Ji Ae, who sang ‘Hateful Person.’”

Netizens commented on these passport pictures, “Kang Ji Young’s beauty was completed when she was 15 years old!” “So innocent-looking and pretty,” “What did Kim Shin Young and Ye Won do wrong?” “She didn’t change even a little bit,” and “I wish I could reveal my passport picture without any hesitance.”