Kara’s Kang Ji Young has taken up car-washing with her own hands!

On March 1, Kang Ji Young posted on her Twitter, “My first car-wash ever in my life! It was easier and more fun than I thought,” along with two photos.

In the photos, Kang Ji Young is seen washing a very soapy BMW Mini Cooper. She is sporting comfortable clothes and her face is smiling, as if she is really enjoying it. Later, she posted again, “I thought the water would dry as the car went but hahaha, the water brought in tons of dust and dirt.”

Netizens exclaimed, “Cute!” “You worked so hard, one of your photos are blurry,” “Your car is so pretty,” “I can’t believe you spent your holiday washing your car,” and many other comments remarking on how great it was for a celebrity to wash their own car.