A recent photo of a tall Kang Ji Young hovering over her Kara unni’s earned her the nickname, “the majestic maknae.”

On February 29, a post was made on an online community forum titled, “Kang Ji Young’s Majestic Height at the Practice Room,” along with a couple of photos.

The post read, “Here is the maknae acting cute in front of her unni’s. But when she straightened her stooped back, who’s the maknae and who’s the unni? Ji Young is so tall. For a moment I thought she would be wearing heels but you can see she’s wearing sneakers. Perhaps it’s because the unni’s are leaning against a table or chair but Kang Ji Young is truly a giant!”

The photo captures Kang Ji Young, Han Seung Yeon and Park Gyu Ri talking together in a practice room. In the first photo, Kang Ji Young is stooped down. But in the second photo, she straightens her back and left quite a gap between her height and the others’ heights. You can also see how Kang Ji Young isn’t wearing heels but comfortable sneakers.

Netizens who came across this photo commented, “She is still so cute,” “Isn’t a good thing to be tall?” “Her white skin is shining,” and other various remarks.

Meanwhile, Kang Ji Young is actively showing her variety show skills as a G8 member in “Invincible Youth.”