On August 2, Kara‘s maknae Kang Ji Young wrote on twitter, “Done with today’s schedule. Hara and Seung Yeon went to go eat.” Along with the comment, Kang Ji Young also posted a picture.

The revealed picture shows Kang Ji Young puckering her lips and staring at the camera with wide eyes with fellow Kara members Park Gyuri and Nicole on each sides. Nicole is leaning on Kang Ji Young’s shoulder, winking at the camera and signaling V with her hand on her forehead while Park Gyuri is poking Kang Ji Young’s cheek with a finger and making a funny facial expression.

Netizens commented on this picture, “It seems like Ji Young is well adored by the older members,” “Nicole winking is so cute,” and “Maknae’s charming everyone with her cuteness, I can’t even handle this anymore.”

Meanwhile, Kara plans to release the 5th mini album and make a comeback in Korea at the end of August.