Kang Ji Young, from girl group KARA, revealed that she didn’t have a celebrity friend her first two years working in the entertainment industry.

On October 24, she appeared on KBS’s “Star Interview” along with the rest of KARA and confessed about her loneliness. She explained, “For the first two years of my debut, I didn’t have a friend that was a celebrity.” She went on, “But then, f(x) made their debut. At that time, I was promoting ‘Mister’ and there was a time where our groups had to share a dressing room. It was the first time where I talked first [to Sulli]. ‘Hi. I’m also born in the year 1994. Let’s be friends.’ and also said, ‘Lets become close.’ That was the start of our friendship.”

Sulli said, “Rather than me staying by Ji Young’s side when she was going through tough times, it seems that she stayed by my side and cheered me up more. I always complained, ‘I hate to see you. I want to see you right now’ and Ji Young would say, ‘ All right. Stop whining. I’ll arrive in 30 minutes.’” She confessed, “Thank you. For being next to me through the thick and thin. I’m thankful for your friendship.”

Soompiers, it’s great to see such a strong friendship within the idol world. Do you know of any other idol friends outside of the same group?