Kara’s Kang Ji Young posed in a hospital gown in a recent photo.

On July 1, she posted a picture of herself on Twitter with the caption, “A big thank you to all the fans who came to visit me today on the set. It was a really hot day, but you came and took care of the staff for me. You guys are the best.”

The photo shows Kang Ji Young in a hospital gown, facing the camera. Unlike her usual stage makeup for Kara’s performances, Kang Ji Young shows a pretty bare face. She still displays perfectly clear, porcelain skin. Instead of the sexy look, Kang Ji Young has an innocent and pure image in the photo.

Kang Ji Young

According to Newsen, netizens had various responses such as, “She looks really innocent,” “I can’t wait to see her drama,” “Did she pour milk on her face?” “She has that ‘girl next door’ look,” and “If there was a female patient like that in the hospital, the male patients would be all over her.”

Kang Ji Young is currently filming for the “Secret Love,” which is directed by Kim Tae Gyu who also led the hit drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” “Secret Love” takes the form of a melodrama omnibus, with five episodes and each member of Kara starring in one episode each. With this picture, curiousity rises for the plot of Kang Ji Young’s episode. You can read the synopsis for Park Kyuri’s episode here and Goo Hara’s episode here.