Kara made a comeback with 5th mini album and its title song “Pandora” on August 22 at the comeback showcase. They also revealed the music video on the day of showcase on YouTube. The revealed music video showed more mature and sexy Kara in both looks and choreography. While excited fans welcomed these changes with open arms, many showed mixed reactions toward Kara’s revealing new stage outfits.

In the music video, all five members of Kara wear swimsuit-like short jumpsuits under tuxedo-style blazers. The nude-tone jumpsuit with added accentuating garnish in the chest area makes them look as if they are not wearing anything but brassieres under the blazer. The most controversial point–and also the climax–of the music video of “Pandora” is where all members turn around, facing the back of the stage, and take off their blazers halfway, showing their almost named backs.

Some conservative fans and netizens commented on these sexy choreography and outfits, “What is that? A lingerie show?” “They were aiming for it,” and “This isn’t sexy. It’s is lascivious.” Meanwhile, others welcomed such change and defended Kara and their choice of stage wardrobe. They commented, “Other girl groups wear clothes that are as revealing, if not more. Why is this a problem with Kara?” and “I’m not thinking much about it. Those who think it’s too much are the ones with dirty thoughts,”