Girl group KARA have had a strong impact on the Japanese market recently, releasing their Japanese version of “Mister” that rocked the Oricon daily charts following its release. However KARA seems to have had an impact on more than just the market in Japan.

A five-member Japanese girl group named “9 nine” recently released a new single, and upon unveiling the new concept it did not take long for people to spot a similarity.

The concept appears very similar to that of KARA’s “Mister”, with short-sleeved t-shirts, baggy pants and even the gloves appearing similar. This is especially interesting as netizens helped to point out that “9 nine” used to rely heavily on their cute image to appeal to the masses, but appear to have made a dramatic change for their come back with a powerful and sexy image.

Could this be the influence of the recent success stories of Korean girl groups in Japan? Given the radical change and similar concept, it seems a likely case.

Source: Newsen