Nicole, from girl group KARA, has revealed her diet to the public.

She appeared on KBS’s “Star Interview” along with the rest of KARA and their episode was aired on October 24. Jiyoung has mentioned that f(x)’s Sulli is a good friend and Seung Yeon shared that “having no schedules was worse than hell.” Nicole used a self-camcorder to show how she normally eats. She took the viewers to the grocery store, where she revealed that she knows roughly the calories of many fruits and vegetables.

At home, she prepared and baked her lunch. She prepared 1 mushroom, 6 pieces of carrots, small pieces of pumpkin, few slices of bell peppers, cauliflowers (author’s note: Nicole mentioned that a cauliflower doesn’t have many calories) and revealed that she rotates the protein part of her meal from salmon, fish, chicken breast or, like today, tofu.

Afterwards, she invited the cameraman inside her gym and her training session with her pilates instructor. Her teacher commented, “She tries not to eat on her own. Sometimes, I feel sorry instructing her training.”

Netizens who saw Nicole’s diet regime clip commented, “How can she live just eating that?” “Nicole looks to be addicted,” “Does someone have to eat like that to look like that?”