Old comments that Kara made on dating in Korea have caused controversy, again. On an online community board, a post appeared with the title “Kara’s Problematic Statements.” The post showed scenes of a Kara appearance on a Japanese variety show.

The captured scenes show Seung Yeon stating “In Korea, the man usually pays everything on a date.” Kang Ji Young stated, “They pay for food and also hold your bag for you.”

The male MCs were surprised and asked “They even hold your bag?” Goo Hara replies, “It is not a lie!”

In the past, this appearance was already made into an article. However, Netizens have re-posted the scenes and controversy erupted once again. Kara’s agency is very surprised at the Netizens’ reaction.

Netizens have stated, “Aren’t those statements careless,” “Even though it is a variety show appearance, they went too far,” “They weren’t careful enough as Hallyu representatives,” and “What will Japanese people think of us South Koreans now after those statements?”