Kara’s own perfume will soon be released! “K5J” is short for “Kara 5 Jewel.” The meaning of “Kara 5 Jewel” is that the perfume is a special jewel that is made by the five members of Kara. As we reported in the past, Kara went to France in 2011 in order to meet manufacturers to choose fragrances and designs.

Kara stated, “We hope that fans will also get to feel the brilliant sunshine of Paris and also the happy fragrance. Without the continued support of fans we would not have this opportunity. Thank you so much.”

Individuals that purchase “K5J” (In Japan) will also receive a DVD that contains making-of footage. Also, if an individual purchases the perfume by June they will receive an invitation to their summer event.

Currently “K5J” is available for pre-sale on their website www.kara5jewel.com. Also, the perfume will be sold at the Japanese concerts starting from April 14 from their “KARASIA” tour.