KARD‘s BM, BTOB‘s Peniel, and Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi celebrated a year of working together on DIVE StudiosGET REAL podcast! In episode 40, they reminisced, recalled their first impressions of each other, and talked about their current projects.

BM revealed that he has been busy lately as he is currently working on his solo project, set to be released in either late April or early May. When Ashley asked about the preparation, he took a deep sigh before explaining the process.

The company, my label has been kind of more trusting and more on the side where they’re almost relying on me to organize everything so I’ve been going out doing the songwriting, getting the songs, you know, getting all the demos, meeting up with the producers, writing the songs together.

— BM

BM said that he has been actively involved in each part of the production. Aside from songwriting, he has been participating in mixing and recording. Additionally, he has been scouting out a music video director, conversing with a choreographer, discussing with his stylist what he should wear, and planning the music video’s concept. He’s been doing it all! While the amount of creative freedom BM has is impressive, he shared the downsides of it.

The thing with creative freedom… Another big thing I realized with this is you need a team like this whole process. If you’re gonna do it yourself, the leg work, first and foremost, is insane.

— BM

With the hectic schedule, BM estimated that he had spent around $300 just on taxi fare, going to and from home, gym, studio, and the company. Despite challenges, he said that he is pleased with the direction the project has taken and hopes that it is well-received.

I like where everything’s going right now. I like the energy of the team, where it’s headed right now… I’m just hoping like the first solo project, that it pops off to a degree where everyone’s going to want to work in this team again because I have some dope people on the team right now.

— BM

BM added that he has been working on some features with other music artists in addition to his solo project. He concluded by saying that while KARD is technically inactive during J.Seph‘s enlistment, he is working on rebranding himself.

Hear BM explain his process and working on his solo project below: