KARD kicked off the start of their “2018 WILD KARD Asia Tour” yesterday in Singapore! Debuting just last year, the co-ed group won a Rookie Award at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards, and their popularity has already seen them through tours in the Americas and Europe.

The concert opened with title tracks such as “You in Me“, and “Rumor“. Before the Q&A session began, the group introduced themselves, mentioning that it was everyone’s first time in Singapore and that they had enjoyed the famous local dish, Chilli Crab, very much.


During the Q&A session, members were tasked to answer fan questions. Here are some of our favorites:

Question: What would you do during the toughest times?
Somin: I would think of Hidden KARDs (their fan club) and enjoy spending time alone

Question: If you could take a fan on a date in Korea, what would you do?
B.M.: I would take her/him on a tour of a day in the life of KARD, such as visiting our studio in DSP Media, and eat tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) together after.


Question: Have any of you experienced anything scary?
J.Seph: When I was in Australia I was riding a bicycle and a magpie flew towards me, sat on my head, and kept pecking me. It hurt.


Question: If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your lives, what would it be?
Somin: Tteokbokki!
B.M.: Chilli Crab
J.Seph: Rice

Q: Favourite memory in Singapore thus far?
Somin: Being able to travel to the country was in my bucket list, so I am very excited to just be here.
J.Seph: Trying the G-Max reverse-bungee ride.
B.M.: Being with fans right now, and receiving a warm welcome from fans at the airport.

J.Seph and B.M. also danced to Sunmi’s ‘Gashina’:

Next, KARD also prepared solo performances for fans, with Jiwoo covering WINNER’s “Really Really”, J.Seph with an all new self-written R&B track, Somin with Taeyeon’s “Fine,” and B.M. performing a continuation track from their latest album, “Living Good Pt 2”, which he also wrote. B.M. also encouraged fans to check out the track on SoundCloud, which you can find here.


Before ending their show, the group covered some famous pop songs such as Ariana Grande’s “Side to Side”, Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic”, and also performed their own “Push & Pull” and “Oh NaNa“.

KARD thanked their fans for the smooth completion of the first stop in their Asia tour, and felt blessed from all the support from fans. When asked about their plans for 2018, the group told fans that it would be their goal to win the #1 spot on a music show this year.

Special thanks to MyMusicTaste for the invitation to this event!