KARD has taken to social media to celebrate one year together!

On December 13, the members posted on Instagram to look back on the past year.

Jiwoo uploaded several photos of the group with the caption, “After meeting for the first time on 2016.10.20, from 2016.12.13 until now, I thank you and love you so much.” She concluded, “Everyone, let’s walk together slowly.”

BM shared a long message in both English and Korean. He talks about how worried they were but also how far they have come in the past year and thanks everyone for the support.

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1 year ago.. we were scared anxious and hella worried about being accepted by the world as new artists..1 year,2 mini albums, 4 tours, 22cities later.. i think i speak for all members when i say we have hella blessings to count. This picture portrays the start of a huge turning point in our lives and I just wanna say my family, my friends, countless people and I thank and am grateful for everyone who has supported us along the way. I hope and pray you will continue to vibe with us.. #livinggood #oneyearwithkard ? 일년이 이렇게 후닥 지났지만.. 되돌아보면 힘들고 지치는 순간들이 많았어도 그보다 너무 행복하고 웃는 순간들이 많았어요. 처음에는 자신감있게 시작하기 어려웠는대 일년동안 많은 경험을 하고 저희를 좋아해주시는 많은 사람들과 마주하면서 아티스트로써 많이 배우고 정말 행복한 시간들이 많았어요. 이렇게까지 좋아해줄실 자격있는지 모르갰는 저희를 서포트 해주신 여러분이 저희를 성장 시켜주고 더 성숙하게 만들어주고 더 멋있데만들어주고 사랑해주셔수 평생 감사하겠습니다! 꼭 보답드리고 더 열심히하고 더 멋지게 하겠슴니다!!! ?<3

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Somin wrote, “We have spent one year together, and during that time, there were lots of sad and happy times, right? It feels like a short time, but starting with Oh NaNa, we have released five albums and gone on three tours. Talking about them like that, it doesn’t feel as short, right?”

She continues, “It’s not just us that did well, but I think one year passed by well thanks to Hidden KARDs, our members, members’ families, company people, and staff that helped us.”

Somin ends by thanking everyone and wishing to make good memories in the future, as well.

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벌써 1년이 후딱 지났네요 정말 빠르다……우리가 같이 보낸시간이 1년이 된건데 그사이에 슬픈일 행복한일 힘든일 많았죠?짧은시간인것같으면서도 #ohnana를 시작으로 앨범을 5개나 내고 투어도 3번이나 했어요 이렇게 얘기하니까 또 짧지만은 아닌것같죠…?우리만 잘한게 아니라 히든카드랑 우리 멤버들 멤버들의 가족들 회사분들 우리를 도와주시는 스텝분들이 계셨기에 무사히 1년이 지난것같아요~~감사합니다 저의 존재를 사랑해주시고 #kard 에게 관심가져주시고 아낌없이 사랑주시는 여러분들 정말 너무 사랑스럽고 고마워요 힘들때나 슬플때 우리가 힘이되었음 좋겠어요 !친한친구처럼~~~지금까지 많은 힘이되어줘서 고맙고 앞으로도 좋은추억 만들어요 우리 ?무슨일이있던 항상 웃고 행복했음 좋겟어요 1년을 축하해요? #히든카드 그리고 우리멤버들…!! #kard #❤️#사랑합니다

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Congratulations to KARD!