KARD recently took time for an interview and photoshoot with International BNT.

When asked about friendships with members of other groups, Jiwoo immediately mentioned gugudan’s Mimi. “She is on a break these days, so she contacts me often. It’s honestly too much,” she joked, showing off their close friendship. Jiwoo also shared, “Also, I went to high school with TWICE’s Jihyo.”

Somin revealed her special connection with TWICE’s Jeongyeon. “Jeongyeon is the niece of my father’s younger brother’s wife. As we are the same age, we were able to become close quickly.”

She also talked about her blossoming friendship with HyunA. “I said once via V App that I am fan of HyunA, and I guess she might’ve seen it because she approached me first, and we exchanged numbers.”

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