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Katie Kim’s agency has now stated that her debut will be going ahead as planned on June 6 following edits made to her music video.

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Katie Kim’s agency has released a statement explaining how the recent arrests of rappers C Jamm and Bill Stax (formerly VASCO) may affect her upcoming debut.

Earlier this week, C Jamm and Bill Stax, who both rose to fame on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money,” were arrested for the repeated use of marijuana. According to the police, both rappers admitted to the charges during questioning.

On June 1, Katie Kim’s agency addressed the implications of the rappers’ arrests for the “K-Pop Star 4” winner. Both rappers had featured in the singer’s upcoming debut single “Remember,” which was originally scheduled to be released on June 6.

A representative of the agency stated, “C Jamm and VASCO both appeared in Katie’s music video. Because they play a considerable role in the music video, we are currently deliberating over how to go about editing [the video]. We are considering the possibility of additional filming.”

The source continued, “In the worst-case scenario, we may have to adjust the schedule for her debut.”

Although Katie Kim signed with YG Entertainment after winning SBS’s “K-Pop Star 4” in 2014, Yang Hyun Suk recently confirmed that she had since moved to another agency founded by a former YG executive. He also shared that YG Entertainment will still be involved in the production and distribution of her debut album.

Katie Kim previously announced plans for a three-part debut that would culminate in the release of her debut album “LOG.”

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