On December 16, SEVENTEEN‘s path overlapped with someone who had contracted COVID-19. To take precautions, the group got tested for the virus and self-isolated until they received their results. At least, that’s what the group had planned until KBS interfered.

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Although Pledis Entertainment had stopped all of the group’s activities and even tested staff, KBS’s mindset only focused on preparing for the KBS Song Festival.

Dispatch summed up the broadcasting company’s actions with, “There was no time to wait for the singers to self-isolate. They called SEVENTEEN in to pre-record.

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Since S.Coups hadn’t yet received his test results and the other twelve members received negative results, they went to the pre-recording without him.

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Concerned fans gathered various photos of the members heading to KBS, noting that many of them had been wearing slippers as if they’d rushed there.

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Even though the members had tested negative for the coronavirus, Dispatch contacted a health official to determine how safe it was for them to still attend the pre-recording. The official revealed, “Even if you have received a negative test result, it is better to remain quarantined.

Even so, SEVENTEEN spent four hours attending the pre-recording at KBS’s request and waiting to find out their next steps.

After all their trouble and no update on S.Coups’s results, KBS swiftly canceled the group’s appearance at the festival altogether. Understandably, many fans were upset by the events, demanding an apology from KBS with the hashtag #KBSApologizeToSeventeen for treating them in such an unfortunate way.

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It wasn’t the first time that KBS had been accused of disregarding COVID-19 safety standards. An individual claimed KBS wouldn’t even allow them to wear a mask to protect themselves.

Despite the outpouring of fans calling attention to the serious issue, KBS or Pledis Entertainment have yet to make any statements.