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It’s that time of the year again – KBS Music Bank’s mid-year special! This week’s Music Bank was full of collaborations. In addition to performing their own songs, members of different idol groups came together to form a band to perform Kelly Clarkson hit, Rain’s “Love Story”, and Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. Singers Hwayobi, Gummy, and Lyn sang “21 Guns”, a tribute song to mark the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Music Bank also crowned the ultimate K-Chart winner for the first half of the year — SNSD! Check out all the performances below!


Mid-year K-Chart Winner


Special Stage (Various singers from the idol groups) – My Life Would Suck Without You


Female Idol Special Stage (KARA, 4Minute, f(x), and T-ara) – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Male Idol Special Stage (2AM, 2PM, and Super Junior) – Love Story


Tribute Special Stage: Marking the 60th nniversary of the start of the Korean War (Hwayobi, Lyn, and Gummy) – 21 Guns




Super Junior – BONAMANA

2PM – Without U


KARA – Lupin


2AM – Even if I Die, I Can’t Let Go


After School – Bang


CNBLUE – I’m a Loner; Love


T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You


f(x) – Nu Abo


IU and Seulong – Nagging


Gummy – Because of You


Seo In Young – Write Love, Call it Pain


Secret – Magic


4Minute – HuH


Lyn – Honey Baby Love

Hwayobi – Bye Bye Bye


SNSD and 2AM chat with the hosts



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