The winner of K-chart this week was G-Dragon with “Crooked,” beating Soyou & Mad Clown’s “Stupid In Love.” Congratulations G-Dragon!

This week was the exciting comeback stage of handsome FT Island with “Falling Star” and the emotional “Memory.” Also today featured Song JiEun with the song “False Hope.”

Other exciting performances today were by Teen Top, KARA, BTOB, F-ve Dolls, Airplane, Gi, Ladies Code and many more.

Next week will feature comeback performances by Block B!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to G-Dragon!

G-Dragon Winning K-Chart + Encore

G-Dragon – “Crooked”

FT Island – “Falling Star” + “Memory”

Soyou & Mad Clown – “Stupid In Love”

Song JiEun – “Falling Star”

Teen Top – “Rocking”

F-VE Dolls – “Can You Love Me?”

KARA – “Damaged Lady”

BTOB – “Thriller”

Airplane – “Give Me A Chance”

Ladies Code – “Pretty Pretty”

GI – “Gi-Yeuk”

G-Dragon & Mad Clown Backstage

FT Island Backstage

Block B Comeback Next Week