Today was a very exciting episode of Music Bank. BEAST performed “Mastermind” and “Soom” from their new single album. SHINee also had their first performance of “Hello” from their repackaged album. New mixed group Co-Ed had their debut stage on the show with “Too Late”. Secret performed a remix version of “Madonna”.

Also, performances by 2NE1, BoA, FT Island, Dalmatian, SISTAR and more.

2NE1’s “Go Away” went up against JYJ’s “Found You” this week.

** Hot Debut Stage**

남녀공학 / Co-Ed “Too Late”

** Comeback Stages **

Kim BumSoo / 김범수 “Passing by / 지나간다”

J.Lim / Lim JeongHee w. 2AM’s JoKwon “Road to Breakup / 헤어지러 가는 길+Would Never Be Real / 진짜일 리 없어”

BEAST “Mastermind+Soom / 숨”

** Overlap Stage **

Shinee “Hello”

** Music Bank **

Cha MinKi “What do you Know? / 니가 뭘 알아”

Bohemian “Love Letter”

Deevine “BAD”

Sori w. NACO “You Aint By Style / 넌 내 스타일 아니야 Remix ver”

SunMin “Rainbow Bridge”

Dalmatian “Round 1″

Seo YoungEun “The Day You Melted Me / 너는 날 녹여”

VOS “Full Story”

San E. w. miss A’s Min “Tasty San / 맛좋은산”

Moon JiEun “Hibbye Hibbyo”

Oh JungHyuk “Heart is Beating / 가슴이 뛰잖아”

Sistar “Shady Gurl / 가식걸”

Secret “Madonna remix ver.”

FT Island “love Love Love”

2NE1 “Go Away”

BoA “Copy & Paste”


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