The winner of K-chart this week was PSY with “Gangnam Style,” beating DBSK‘s “Catch Me” for the second week in a row. Congratulations Psy! This is also “Gangnam Style’s” eighth win on Music Bank

Other performances today were by Orange Caramel, T-ara, AOA, RaNia, 100%, EXID, BBde Girl, Gain, A.Cian, Jewelry, BIGSTAR, GavyNJ, K.Will, SPICA and many more.

Next week will feature comeback performances by Miss A!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to Psy!

PSY Winning K-Chart

DBSK – “Catch Me”

Orange Caramel – “LIPSTICK”


AOA – “Get Out”


100% – “Bad Boy”

EXID – “Every Night”

BBde Girl – “Act Up”

A.Cian – “Stuck”

Gain – “Blooming”

Jewelry – “Look At Me”

BIGSTAR – “Think”

K.Will – “Butterfly” + “Please Don’t”

GavyNJ – “Lady Killer”

SPICA – “I’ll Be There”

Orange Caramel and Jewelry Backstage

DBSK and K.Will Backstage

Comeback Next Week – Miss A