The two bands competing to win this weeks K-chart were SISTAR and 4Minute. The winner was SISTAR with their alluring song “Alone”.Congratulations SISTAR!

Today the special MC’s standing by Lee Jang Woo’s side were none other than the beautiful girls Hyuna, from 4Minute and Hyorin, from SISTAR.Today’s very longed for comebacks were Ivy with heartful ballad “Torn chest” and U-KISS with moving song “When love stops” showing off their vocal skills and sexy new song “Doradora”.

Other performances today include NU’EST, Shinhwa, Noel, EXO-K, B.A.P, Seo In Guk, F.CUZ, Choshinsung, MIIII, 5tion, Electroboyz, 2BiC and many more.

Next week’s show will feature Girls Generation and J.Y. Park‘s comeback!

Enjoy the performances below. Congratulations once again to SISTAR!

SISTAR winning K-chart

SISTAR – “Alone”

4Minute – “Volume Up”

U-KISS – “When love stops” & “Doradora”

Ivy – “Torn Chest”

Shinhwa – “Venus”


Seo In Guk – “Tease me” 

NU’EST – “I’m sorry”

B.A.P – “Power”

Noel – “Fading Away”

Sunny Hill – “Princess and Prince Charming”

F.CUZ – NO.1

ChoShinSung – “Stupid Love”

MIIII – “Perfume”

5tion – “Papillion”

Electroboyz + Eun Young (Brave Girls) – “Should I laugh or cry”

2BiC – “Made yet another woman cry”

7942 – “I’ll be famous”

Girls Generation Comeback next week

J.Y. Park Comeback next week