Earlier this month KBS’ “Music Bank” held a special broadcast from Tokyo, Japan.  “Music Bank in Tokyo- K-Pop Festival” proved to be successful as various popular Korean acts (as BEAST, Kara, 2PM, RaNia, X-5, 4 Minute, U-Kiss, Infinite, just to name a few) performed for the crowd of over 43,000 at the Tokyo Dome.  Could this mark the start of something really big?  How big?  Try on a world scale.  Yesterday the announcement was made by KBS director Jeon Jin Gook that plans were in motion to hold a “Music Bank” world tour bringing Korea’s top artists and popular culture to other countries across the globe.

The time frame and location for some of the stops on KBS’ radar, for what are being described as huge, K-Pop concerts, will be sometime in October in New York City, they are aiming for China in November, and hope soon after to move to Vietnam as well as Europe.  The director of KBS also mentioned that next year will be the 20th anniversary of foreign relations between Vietnam and Korea, as the concert that will be held in Vietnam will be part of the celebrations festivities.

Lately through fan campaigns and flash mobs Europe has shown their desire for K-Pop as the interest for it continues to spread throughout the continent.  Reports state that there are many people who want Korean singers to perform in their countries across Europe.  With KBS’ plan they will finally be able to grant the public’s wishes as they will make the concerts conceivable.

Music Bank has been playing a major part in the Hallyu Wave as they recently have brought their broadcast number up to 70 countries.

At this time there is no word on which acts will be participating in the world tour.  Soompi will keep you updated as soon as that information is revealed!  What acts would you like to see perform at the world tour concerts?  Where else would you like the concert to stop?  Are there any acts that you would travel to see?

Source: Star News