So, KBS finally made their official statement regarding this affair and we have at least learned one fact: That it is true that Kang Ho Dong wants to leave “One Night Two Days,” and he has told KBS about it.

According to the press release from KBS, “It is true that Kang Ho Dong has told us that he wants to leave ‘One Night Two Days;’ however, nothing has been decided as of yet. ‘One Night Two Days’ is a variety show that represents this nation. Kang Ho Dong still has special affection for the show, and we believe that he will make a wise decision for ‘One Night Two Days’ and also for the citizens of South Korea who love ‘One Night Two Days.’

As we reported before, Na Young Suk PD has stated that he didn’t know anything about this. (Phew, that means KBS and the PD need to have more communication, or he just flat-out lied.)

The Netizens are correct in their fears of Kang Ho Dong possibly leaving the show. Also, I find that KBS before releasing their official response were very tactful. The “Variety Guk Jang” had stated that “We did not have an emergency meeting,” or that “We didn’t meet Kang Ho Dong.” Haha, of course meeting and getting contacted by are separate things.

Oh well, stay tuned as will continue to report on this story with updates.