Some of the members of the KBS labor union who are currently on strike will be returning to work in 2018. To go along with this decision, a new episode of “2 Days  & 1 Night” is set to air on December 31.

The labor union released an official statement on December 29 that read, “We have made the decision for producing directors (PDs) working in the variety and drama departments to temporarily halt their participation in the strike from January 1. They will be returning to their respective programs and making preparations to return to a regular filming schedule to make the transition smoother once the strike is officially over.”

They continued to add, “This decision was made to protect the rights and interests of our viewers, as well as to begin building a new future for KBS. Because of our fight, the power of board members who have prolonged president Ko Dae Young’s influence in KBS has greatly diminished and Ko Dae Young’s termination from his position is nearing. Therefore, we believe we are now at a point where we must begin slowly preparing to return to a regular filming schedule for our programs.”

According to the labor union, the first program to return will be “2 Days & 1 Night,” which will return with a 10th anniversary episode on December 31. The KBS staff is also working hard to ensure a successful broadcast of the upcoming Pyeonchang Winter Olympics.

However, the labor union stated that though they will be putting a partial halt on their strike, this does not mean that they are decreasing the pressure they’re putting on the KBS president. They stated, “If president Ko Dae Young is not terminated from his position by the fourth week of January, the variety and drama staff will stop their work and return to the strike. Our general strike will not end until Ko Dae Young is removed from his position.”

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