The main PD for the KBS talk show “Mamma Mia” has been assumed to have dissed Roy Kim, who is currently involved a plagiarism controversy.

Go Gook Jin PD of “Mamma Mia” tweeted a series of messages on July 14, which is when the plagiarism controversy hit the media. He posted, “Is this a mistake or is this a chance? I want to make it into a chance. I haven’t seen anyone who curses their senior artists turn out well.”

He continued, “Just admit that you plagiarized and start over from the beginning. Then people would understand. What does this make of the other artists? Your pathetic excuses are really lame.”

As soon as the tweet was posted, it quickly spread across the online community. Since Roy Kim had the most recent plagiarism controversy, netizens wondered if those tweets were aimed at him. Roy Kim also appeared on “Mamma Mia” on April 28 with his mother and netizens wondered if something bad happened on set and what the PD’s intentions were by tweeting those messages.

Roy Kim’s debut track “Bom Bom Bom” has not been able to shed plagiarism accusations for the over three months. Recently, netizens have accused Roy Kim’s “Bom Bom Bom” to be plagiarized from Acoustic Rain’s “Love Is Canon.” However, Roy Kim’s agency denied those accusations and said, “It’s definitely not plagiarized. Roy Kim has never heard of that song before.”

Meanwhile, Roy Kim is set to return to the States to go back to school in the near future.

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