The successor of “Descendants of the Sun“‘s time slot, KBS 2TV’s “Master: God of Noodles” is off to a slow start.

On April 28, according to Nielsen Korea, the premiere episode of “Master: God of Noodles” marked 7.6 percent nationwide, taking second place in its time slot.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “Goodbye Mr. Black” recorded 8.7 percent, which is a slight decrease from last week’s ratings of 9.4 percent. However, it still managed protect its position as first place for the Wednesday-Thursday time slot. SBS’s “Entertainer” marked 7.2 percent. While it saw an increase of 0.8 percent from last week’s 6.6 percent, it still remains last place.


In the first episode of “Master: God of Noodles,” which aired on April 27, Kim Gil Do (played by Jo Jae Hyun) is shown to be living as his friend, Ha Jung Tae (played by Jo Duk Hyun), even using his name.

master god of noodles

“Master: God of Noodles” tells the story of how orphan Moo Myung decides to become a master noodle chef in order to exact revenge on everyone who’s caused him pain. Based on a comic, the drama stars Chun Jung Myung as the main character, as well as Jo Jae Hyun and Jung Yoo Mi. B1A4’s Baro will also appear in the drama as the younger version of Jo Jae Hyun.

Watch the first episode of “Master: God of Noodles” below!

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