Kenta and Kim Sang Gyun are becoming a duo!

Following the conclusion of JBJ activities in April, the two have been continuing together with various projects including filming for a web drama.

During their joint fan meeting in Seoul on July 7, they shared that they have a big announcement for fans.

Kim Sang Gyun announced, “Everyone, Kenta and I will officially be promoting as a team,” and the crowd erupted into screams. Kim Dong Han also made a surprise appearance to congratulate them on the news.

In a V Live broadcast following the fan meeting, Kenta explained, “What is important here is that we are not just promoting briefly as a unit. The two of us will continue promoting together as a team from now on.”

Kim Sang Gyun added, “It seems like there were some fans that were suspecting it, but it feels great to have said it ourselves,” and Kenta shared, “I could feel the vibrations from the sound [of the cheers]. I was really happy and thankful that they congratulated us with such excitement.”

Km Sang Gyun also posted on his Instagram to express his thoughts. He wrote, “You heard that Kenta and I are promoting together, right? It’s news that we wanted to quickly share with you, so I’m telling you again!! Kenta and I will be promoting together as an official team from now on. I always say this, but I will become your artist that makes you proud by not losing sight of my motivation and always giving you good energy!! I hope you will always be with me as I improve during my time with Kenta from now on. I thank you and love you. These are my sincere feelings.”

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오늘 어땠나요?! 한국에서 이렇게 팬여러분 뵙는 거 오랜만이라 너무 반갑고 설렜고 또 행복했어요. 제 이름 불러주는 여러분 목소리가 듣고 싶었는데 오늘 과분할 정도로..? 저랑 켄타랑 같이 활동한다는 얘기 들으셨죠? 여러분께 빨리 알려 드리려고 했던 소식이라 한 번 더 말씀드립니다!! 저와 켄타가 정식 팀으로 앞으로의 활동을 함께하게 되었습니다? 늘상 말씀드리는 거지만 초심 잃지 않고 언제나 좋은 에너지 드리는 여러분의 자랑스러운 가수 되겠습니다!! 켄타랑 함께 나아갈 저의 앞으로의 시간에 여러분이 늘 함께였으면 좋겠어요 고맙고 사랑해요. 진심이에요

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As JBJ’s name was also chosen by fans, Kim Sang Gyun and Kenta will promote under a name determined by fans. On their official fancafe that opened on July 7, they are taking fan ideas for group names through July 10 KST. The members will look them over and select a few options, and the final name will be determined through a fan vote.

Congratulations to Kim Sang Gyun and Kenta on the great news!

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