Don’t take U-KISS‘ “Neverland” album… buy it!  Member Kevin Woo explained to fans the reason they should refrain from “stealing” his band’s music. He tweeted his message of warning on August 25th.  Read his tweet below:

“Everyone! Remember to have full respect for us and DO NOT illegal download~ We worked very hard for this album!^^ We trust you guys~ ♥”

Will fans heed his warning? Here are some of their tweets:

“Yes Sir!!! *salutes* haha … ” – b2utyAngYo

“Don’t worry we won’t ! We know you guys work super hard we see that ! And so we are gonna show you lots of love by supporting!^^” – infinitysparks_

” i’ll buy~~ 2 weeks after raya can ah?” – NinaFarhanah