Korea celebrates Independence Day, while U-KISS has a another celebration that is all their own. On August 15th, the NH Media talent, Kevin Woo, tweeted about the 3rd year anniversary of his band’s very first stage performance. Despite the change in two members, the group’s name will always remain the same. Here is his message below:

“Today is U-Kiss’s 3rd year anniversary for our FIRST stage at the Power of Atamix event in Japan…rememer? Hehe already 3 years~ thank you♥ I remember how nervous we were because we havent debuted yet and dongho almost cried~ hehe our little maknae has grown up a lot too! Hehe”

Over the past week, U-KISS has been recording their album and filming an upcoming music video. How can one know this? The tweets! They worked with Marcan Entertainment hit maker Ryan Jihun and Award winning American producer/songwriter David D. A. Doman

Kevin: “We finished our MV shoot at 12pm today!! Lol very tired ㅠㅠ but we are now recording our album now! So busy but we can do anything for ya’ll!Still recording~~ working hard for the best album ever! Fighting~~ fighting @ryanjhun !! We can do it

Show @davidDAdoman some love everyone! You’ll get to hear his songs soon when our album comes out! its gon be off the hook ^^”

Are you counting down the days till U-KISS? 

Credits: @Kevinwoo91 and JD Relic’s Facebook Page