Kevin Woo has been tweeting like crazy since his band began recording their second album. The name of the NH Media‘s group full length project is “Neverland“. This week, marks their comeback with the release of a music video teaser and single. What pre-goodies did he tweet to fans?  Here is his message and cover image below: 

“YAY! Our 2nd Album’s teaser will release tomorrow 8/25~ and also a track from our album ‘SOMEDAY’ will release on 8/26~ R u guys ready…?  Here’s a sneak peek picture from our 2nd Album! “


KISSmes are already falling in love with their new concept, even though they don’t quite know what it is. Put your thinking caps on, Soompiers!  What do you think their concept will be for this project? 

Credit: @Kevinwoo91