SHINee appeared on the most recent episode of tvN “Taxi” and talked about their lives from the trainee days to life as a K-Pop sensation. When asked, “Has there been fights or arguments among the members?” Key confessed that he and Minho used to argue a lot. 

Their arguments stem from Key’s strong “Kyung Sang Do” (Southern state in South Korea) dialect. Because of Key’s accent, Minho mistakenly thought that Key gets argumentative without good reasons. Moreover, their relationship as senior and junior trainees added more tension to their relationship. Key commented, “I didn’t understand the whole senior-junior thing. Minho and I are the same age. So when he got authoritative and senior-ly, I acted up. Then one day, things went out of control when we got into a big argument. Everyone around us were involved to stop us.” 

After this big argument, Key and Minho never really resolved the problem and their awkward relationship continued. Even after their debut, they could not overcome the difference. However, after five years of cohabitation, they have become best friends. Minho said, “We are really good friends now. After five years of living together, we’ve become a family, or something more than that.” Key agreed, “Now, nobody wants to argue. We know what each other likes and doesn’t like.” 

Also in this episode of “Taxi,” SHINee had a chance to talk about their opinions on romantic relationships by answering questions like “How a man kisses a woman,” and “Why does a girl contact a guy first?”